I am working on an e-book on how to make biodiesel. Its taken me several years to get to a stage where everything works perfectly. The main aim is to simplify the process and avoid the confusion on the internet. Will keep you posted!
Breaking News  - I now pay 20p per litre for dry liquid oil, solid and contaminated oil will still be collected free of charge. 
Give me a beep if you spot the Passat on the A34!

Embarrassing - Run out of bio

We broke down 4 miles from the house last Saturday. Biodiesel had solidified in the fuel tank. A tow home from Colin, the AA patrol who rescued us, followed by a cup of tea was the end result. Finally got my estate going with a squirt of "Easy Start" and did the same to the saloon on Sunday. Moral of the story - keep an eye on the weather and add some diesel before the cold weather hits!